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Ex-Felon Arrested After Domestic Disturbance In Raleigh County



A domestic disturbance call in Raleigh County resulted in a former felon being sent to North Central Regional Jail.

On Monday, March 8, at approximately 2:25 p.m., West Virginia State troopers were dispatched to a home in Raleigh regarding an alleged domestic disturbance.

According to the criminal complaint, the caller advised that Joseph William Foreman, 41, had become belligerent with the victim when she would not give him any of her prescribed medicine.

Foreman then picked up a 12-gauge shotgun, walked outside and began busting the windows out of a jointly owned vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers noticed Foreman sitting in front of the Raleigh Post Office, holding a knife.

When troopers asked Foreman to put the knife down and put his hands up, he began shouting expletives at the troopers and told them to “just shoot him,” the complaint stated.

“When the officers began walking toward the accused, [he] began aggressively and rigorously cutting his wrist with the knife,” the complaint continues. “After creating several lacerations on his wrist, the accused threw the open-bladed knife toward the responding officers where it came to rest approximately five feet from the . . . marked state police cruiser.”

Officers began administering first aid on Foreman until emergency medical crews arrived.

While Foreman was receiving medical care, an officer asked him if he had a gun. According to the complaint, Foreman responded that he did not because of a prior felony conviction.

Later, officers found a Stevens Model 320 12-gauge shotgun in a brush pile. The firearm has been sent to the state crime lab for latent print testing.

Foreman faces one misdemeanor charge of domestic assault, three charges of assault on a police officer, one charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and one charge of providing false information.

Foreman’s bond has been set at $20,012.

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