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Annual WV Court Statistics Report Released



The 2020 annual statistics report for circuit, family and magistrate courts has been released by the West Virginia court system.

Statewide, circuit courts had 38,248 case filings (an almost 12.5% decrease from 2019), family courts had 20,510 filings (a 17% decrease from 2019) and magistrate courts had a combined total of 154,463 case filings, according to information found in the report.

The following statistics include cases filed in 2020 in Greenbrier County:

Circuit court criminal case filings — 132 felony, 9 misdemeanor;

Circuit court civil case filings — 25 adoptions, 131 general, 19 guardianship, 5 magistrate appeals, 83 mental health, 21 other and 2 personal safety;

Circuit court juvenile case filings — 67 child neglect/abuse, 10 delinquency and 16 status offense;

Family court domestic case filings — 141 divorce, 208 domestic violence, 89 other domestic relations and 57 contempt and modification;

Magistrate court civil case filings —359 small claims, 67 personal safety protections, 255 domestic violence;

Magistrate court criminal case filings —108 worthless check, 14 felony motor vehicle, 243 other felony, 650 misdemeanor motor vehicle, 54 misdemeanor DNR, 659 other misdemeanors;

Magistrate court juvenile and special proceedings case filings — 6 motor vehicle, 1 DNR, 9 other, 18 abuse and neglect, 15 juvenile.

Additionally, the state courts saw a total of 5,087 mass litigation orders. Included in those litigation orders are 4,729 asbestos personal injury, 225 opioid, 116 Marcellus Shale, 6 tobacco, 5 Raleigh Heart Clinic, 2 Gavin Landfill and 1 Yeager Airport.

A complete list of statistics for each county can be found at

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