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Dorothy Man Arrested After Large Quantity Of Drugs Found In Home



A Dorothy man has been arrested after West Virginia State Troopers found large quantities of drugs in his home.

On Saturday, May 22, at 8 p.m., officers arrived at the home of David Brent Fitzwater, 56, to serve a search warrant, according to the criminal complaint filed in Raleigh County.

Upon arrival, officers found Fitzwater and two other persons standing on the porch. One person, later identified as Andrae William Choulat, 43, ran into the house and “deadbolted the front door,” the complaint continues.

Once officers kicked down the door, they were able to restrain Choulat. As they were searching the home, they found $3,082 in cash, large quantities of a brown substance believed to be heroin, a white powder substance believed to be fentanyl, which had been cut into lines to combine with the heroin, and a large quantity of suspected marijuana. Additionally, officers found plastic bags and digital scales.

Fitzwater allegedly admitted to an officer that he was letting Choulat and his girlfriend use his house in exchange for a quarter gram of heroin for every other sale.

Choulat has been charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of fentanyl, drug conspiracy, possession of marijuana, three counts of obstructing an officer and one count of fleeing on foot. His bail was set at $100,000.

Fitzwater has been charged with one felony count of drug conspiracy. He is currently at Southern Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash/surety bail.

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