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Renick Man Facing Charges Of Cocaine Possession



A Greenbrier County man was arrested on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 20 on charges relating to an earlier incident where he allegedly attempted to elude police during a traffic stop. Jeremy Wade Morgan, 30, of Renick has been charged with a third-offense of driving while suspended for DUI, and cocaine possession.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 3, while on routine patrol in the Frankford area, officers reportedly observed Jeremy Wade Morgan operating a Chevy Malibu west of Williamsburg Road.

According to the criminal complaint, officers had previous knowledge of Morgan’s DUI-related license revocation, and therefore attempted to initiate a traffic stop. However, Morgan reportedly continued to drive, ignoring officers.

Officers further stated, “I turned on my siren and the driver still would not stop.”

Morgan allegedly travelled for nearly a mile before pulling into the driveway of his residence. Upon hearing the officer’s request that he provide his operator’s license, Morgan reportedly replied, “you know I don’t have a license.”

Morgan was placed under arrest at that time. A subsequent search of the vehicle allegedly “revealed a glass pipe, digital scales, straw syringes, and $2,200 in U.S. currency and a piece of aluminum foil with a white powder inside. That white powder field tested for cocaine or a cocaine-based substance.”

Jeremy Wade Morgan is currently being held at Southern Regional Jail. Wade is not eligible for bond at this time.

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