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Drug and Consensual

Alderson Woman Facing Charges In Summer County



A Greenbrier County woman is facing charges in Summers County after allegedly sharing pornographic material with a minor. Jordan Cales, 31, of Alderson has been charged with distributing/displaying obscene material to a minor.

On Monday, March 22, the Summers County Sheriff’s Department was advised that Jordan Cales was the subject of a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation into child neglect. Representatives from CPS reported that Cales provided a 10-year-old victim with a cellphone containing nude photographs of her.

According to the criminal complaint, while being interviewed at the Summers County Child Advocacy Center, the victim described an incident in which, after urinating, Cales allegedly grabbed and squeezed the victim’s penis before striking him in the head with a rock.

Deputies made contact with and conducted an interview with Cales on Monday, April 19. While Cales reportedly admitted to giving the victim the cell phone containing the nude photographs, she denied having any sexual contact with the minor.

When asked if she had, in fact, struck the victim in the head with a rock, Cales reportedly stated “she didn’t remember doing it.”

Jordan Cales has been arraigned by the Summers County Magistrate and is awaiting court proceedings.

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